Optimizing your eCommerce site can be daunting, but your long-term goals for increasing revenue are important, so it's essential to have shorter-term, incremental goals to build visibility in Search, drive more traffic, and convert customers, as well.

Monitoring and measuring key performance indicators gives you that high-level view that shows you're on the right track.

Organic Revenue & Transactions

The first and perhaps most obvious KPI for tracking your eCommerce SEO efforts is revenue. Revenue is the amount of money generated by sales.

Assisted Organic Conversions

There isn't truly an attribution setting you can use in Google Analytics that will give you the full picture of how many conversions a traffic source has touched.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are an indicator of on-page SEO success. Higher conversion rates from any traffic source can indicate a better checkout flow, more relatable copy, or a better on-page/on-site experience for users.

Organic User Lifetime Value

Driving traffic to your site through your SEO efforts is one thing, but driving valuable traffic through search optimization is the true goal.

Number of Non-Branded (But Still Relevant) Keywords

Tracking keywords is second nature for SEO professionals, but something we need to get better at is tracking the split between branded and non-branded keywords.

Keyword Ranking Increases/Decreases

A popular thing to track when working on SEO campaigns is the positions of your target keywords. There are usually words you want to increase your rankings for, as well as words you want to decrease your rankings for, and both should be tracked.

Click Through Rate

When it comes to SEO, one of the most debated ranking factors is click-through rate (CTR).

Organic New Users

Getting new users to your site is always exciting. It's a new opportunity to gain a new customer! So, tracking how many new users come from your SEO efforts is a must.

Free Listings Orders from Google Merchant Center

If you are using Google Merchant Center (which you should be), there are a few KPIs you will want to track on the platform. Not only are you able to buy shopping ads using Google Merchant Center, but you now have free listings to promote your products organically.

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a direct measurement of page experience that Google has explicitly said is a ranking factor.

Return on Investment

This KPI may be calculated differently for everyone. Remember, you are always investing in a strategy, even if it isn't paid. To have a strategy executed, you will be investing in time or money — or both.