Marketers go ways to improve conversion ⁠rate ⁠— better copy, optimised images, expansive social media followers, good SEO click-through rates, among others.

But if your user experience is bad, you’re pretty much a goner. Here are proven UX optimisation tricks to get you going.

A form on every page

Having a form on every page increases conversion rates. How much increase you’ll get depends on a lot of factors, so this one will be a gut feel. Consumers typically visit several sites that meet the criteria they have set for a vendor. In the B2B world, this could be an intern tasked with finding the best solution for a CEO’s problem. On the B2C side, it could be a list of top sellers of a hot product.

Bait with your USP

The marketing lingo USP is very ubiquitous, but if you don’t have a USP, stop reading this and go create one. Anyway, your USP won’t only help you make the initial sale or get the contact, but it should also serve as one of the reasons your customers keep coming back. Think of your USP as the extra bait on your hook.

Use chatbots

Site chatbots can increase the rate of conversion by up to 30%. When a customer visits your site after interacting with a couple pages, a chat box could pop up and once the visitor starts a chat, they can either interact with you real-time or leave a message outside business hours.

A phone number

If you’re alient to chatbots, you can instead share a phone number. This is even more direct than having a chatbot as your customers are directly in touch with you. If you are selling a product or service, you want your potential customers to pick up the phone when they have a question